Are you ready to reclaim your energy?

Do the work you love without the burnout.

You don't need to sacrifice yourself in order to do the work you love.


Do you feel like you're wearing a mask all the time?  On the outside you look like you've got it all together. You're doing your dream job—and you're so grateful—but you feel drained, overwhelmed, and stretched too thin all the time. Secretly you know you can't keep going.

Although you'd never admit it, you feel like a fraud promoting health and wellness for others while you think you might be headed for a breakdown.

There is another way!

Thriving is your birthright.

You can feel great working with clients, even as an empath.


Does this sound familiar? You go to work feeling happy and energetic, but by the end of the day you feel like you've taken on all of your clients "stuff". You feel cranky and your energy is drained. Your body may even hurt.


If you identify as empathic, then there are specific skills that can help you to work with your clients and still feel like yourself at the end of the day.

Stop snapping at your family and get back to enjoying your personal life outside of work.

You deserve the same care that you give to others.

I'm here to help.

My name is Heather Glidden.  As a Pilates & Gyrotonic instructor, licensed massage therapist, and studio owner, I know how draining client work can be. 

As a certified meditation & integrative life coach who has walked the path herself, I also know how to bridge the gap from burned out and depleted to joyful and energized.

I help movement teachers, massage therapists, coaches, and other healers learn how to manage their own energy so they can have the greatest impact with their work without landing in burnout.

3 Steps to Thriving

1. Schedule Your Energy Assessment

During this 1:1 call you'll get clear on how you are losing energy, your risk factors for burnout, and how ready you are to make the changes needed in order to truly thrive in your work.

2. Do An Energy Reset and Learn the Tools to Replenish Your Energy

You'll start to immediately feel better as you clear and restore your energy.

3. Develop and Implement Your Personal Strategy for Thriving

In order to truly thrive, you'll need to make some changes in how you are working. If you've gone to trainings or retreats and felt better, only to come back and crash again, this is probably the step you are missing!

"Those of us in healing, caring, and giving professions often take on the subtle belief that we need to choose between doing meaningful work and our own wellbeing.  The truth is that we actually do our work better, have greater longevity in our careers, and make a greater impact when we prioritize and invest in our own wellbeing."

-Heather Glidden