Meet Heather

I am a dreamer and explorer who gets stuff done. 


As a child, I was the one to imagine a play, write the script, make the props, recruit my friends or cousins into the show, direct it, and then sell tickets to our parents.

In my adult life, I leveraged my "Type A Dreamer" personality to build a successful practice as a mind-body movement teacher while also running multiple successful studios. 


I did this by envisioning what I wanted and then going after it with single-minded determination no matter what got in my way.  In this approach I worked a lot of 6am-10pm days and didn't see much of my family.


However when I found myself overworked and in burnout, I realized that I needed a new approach.  I began a quest to learn how to make my business and my work sustainable.


My own healing journey led me to connect deeply with my own inner guidance, showing me how to align my energy with my work.

"The body speaks that for which the mind does not yet have words."


My approach unifies mind, body, and spirit.  I bring a rich background  in movement and body work to my coaching practice, offering me a unique perspective and a variety of possible approaches to a session.  The addition of embodied practices to a coaching session creates greater alignment between intention and action. 


A few of my tools include:

Certified Integrative Life Coach and Meditation Coach Through

The Inner View Method of Coaching and Filmmaking with Nic Askew

Principles of Aligned Business (with many mentors)

PSYCH-K Facilitator for Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Certified GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS, and Pilates Instructor

Licensed Massage Therapist